It’s spring marathon season!

It’s spring marathon season!

Some marathon facts

  • The 26.2 marathon distance was not set in Ancient Greece (24.8 miles), but in London in the 20th Century due to the distance between Windsor and the Olympic stadium so the Royal Children could watch the finish!
  • The current female world record holder has asthma
  • It was not until 1972 that females were officially allowed to run the Boston Marathon
  • There are 32 Guinness book of record marathon entries including Tim Peake for the fastest marathon in orbit 400km above Earth in the International Space Station in a time of 3:35:21!
  • Your feet are likely to hit the ground on average 55,000 times (subject to stride length) during 26.2 miles
  • Your body and muscles will take 2-3 weeks to repair post marathon
  • Post marathon recovery is important to allow your body to repair

How does Sports Therapy aid your marathon preparations and post event recovery

Your miles have been getting longer, your body is feeling more fatigued and no doubt getting tighter with some associated soreness. Keeping your body in check with a Sports Therapist will aid injury prevention and stretch out those areas we often don’t know we have if we are new to long distance running!

Pre-event treatment
A pre-event massage a few days prior to your event will have the following significant benefits

  • Loosen tight soft tissues and stretch out areas promoting rested springing race day legs
  • Remove any stored waste products and increase blood flow to all soft tissues
  • Promote relaxation in the tapper period which can be a stressful time
  • Improved sleep patterns pre-race
  • Tapping for any niggles/areas requiring additional support

Post-event treatment
The marathon is a tough ask of the body and the event can leave us stiff and sore, evidence of the muscle damage that occurs.
Immediate recovery includes the following:

  • Good nutrition, restoring of main energy stores (carbohydrate) and protein (essential for growth and repair of tissues) and our fruit and veggies for vitamin and mineral replacement
  • Hydration: replacing lost fluids is essential to all bodily functions
  • Cold bath 😁 still a controversial topic, but submersion in cold water does reduce inflammation, but we don’t want to block all inflammation, as this is the bodies natural healing response! Compression tights are an easier post race option too.
  • Massage! Promotes healing of soft tissues, flushes tissues of waste products, promotes circulation, tissue realignment from trauma (prevents adhesion build up) and post race stretching to help prevent further injury risk once exercise has begun again, and relaxation

To book your pre-race new legs and your post-race recovery sessions, please contact me on 07825 040310
Your body will thank you for it for sure! Mine always does pre and post marathon for sure 😃

Why Oxted Sports Therapy? Who am I? Why me?

Why Oxted Sports Therapy? Who am I? Why me?

In short, I am a competing athlete (runner and triathlete) who often has quite a sore and tight body from the high intensity training programs that I follow at different stages throughout the racing year. I learnt about the benefits of sports massage (of which there are many) but couldn’t find the right help for me.

So here I am. I am educated to degree level in anatomy and physiology studying at University College London. This put me in a very strong position to train as a Sports Massage Therapist at St Mary’s University, where I achieved distinction level qualifications. I also know how it feels to be active, and when all is combined, this helps create a powerful understanding for working with people who use their bodies everyday, be it work related and/or sport related.

My future posts will provide useful information to compliment my practice of keeping your body in the best condition possible. This will help you reach your goals whatever they may be (professional and multi-sport related). By looking after your body, it will look after you back! Simple.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to learn more about my practice.