Sports massage FAQ

What is Sports Massage?

Soft tissue massage is the warming, manipulation, stretching and realigning of muscle fibres and other soft tissue structures, encouraging increased circulation, aiding lymphatic drainage (removing the waste products in soft tissues) improving repair and recovery, restoring balance within the body.

Everyone can benefit from soft tissue massage. Massage has many positive effects on the body and the mind.

How will it help me? Effects of Sports Massage

Physical and Physiological effects on the Body

  • Reduce muscle fatigue: massage helps remove muscle fatigue, stiffness and soreness (DOMS) improving muscle suppleness
  • Stretching: the action of massage creates deep tissue warmth allowing increased tissue elasticity and flexibility enabling deep stretching of tight and tired muscles
  • Improve joint stiffness: various techniques can be used to help with joint stiffness and reduced/impaired range of movement
  • Pain reduction: soft tissue manipulation creates physiological actions within soft tissue structures which reduce active, referred and latent pain
  • Increased circulation and lymphatic drainage: massage creates a pumping effect on our muscles, flushing out soft tissue structures and replenishing with fresh nutrient oxygen rich blood creating warmth, increasing vasodilatation and opening micro-circulation (opening of our arterial network) and increased tissue permeability aiding repair and recovery
  • Breaking down scar tissue: Soft tissue manipulation techniques can be used to breakdown scar tissue from previous injuries or soft tissue trauma

Psychological – mind

  • Relaxation, reducing stress, tension and the effects of stress
  • Reduction in anxiety by relaxing the mind
  • Invigorating feeling: clients can experience a lift in mood and positive state of mind
  • Increased overall energy levels by removing tension, relaxing the mind, invigorating the body and boosting the immune system

Other benefits of massage include:

  • Improved skin elasticity and tone
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Speed up digestion and waste removal
  • Improved respiration, deeper relaxed breathing
  • Overall increased energy levels, sense of well being and general self esteem

Having suffered from a succession of running injuries which left me with a painful right shin and inhibiting my ability to run, I contacted Bex for an assessment. Bex identified that I was suffering from medial tibial pain and commenced a series of weekly sports massages coupled with strengthening/stretching exercises and a recommendation that I curtail my running, or at the very least the intensity of it. Bex also identified that my leg muscles were generally very tight and knotted.
Following 8 weeks of treatment, I am very pleased to report that I am no longer experiencing any discomfort in my shin when running (even though I ignored advice and continued running during my treatment), and additionally my legs feel much more flexible. I will continue to receive treatment on my legs from Bex on a monthly basis as a preventative measure as I now recognise the need for it.